The Role of Marketing, Sales & Customer Success by Dan Martell

The Unique Function of Marketing, Sales & Customer Success

By | Marketing, Sales, Startups | 4 Comments

There’s this myth in the startup world…

Many will tell you that there’s no such thing as steady, sane and predictable growth.

That as a founder you need to grow comfortable with the high peaks and low valleys that make your spreadsheets look more like the blueprint for the next six flags theme park than an actual balance sheet.

But after falling victim to this myth many times over (and recovering)…
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How to Think About Startup Equity by Dan Martell

The Right Way To Distribute Equity

By | Fundraising, Startups, Strategy | 15 Comments


Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to finally tackle the billion dollar question.

And while it’s not easy to have a conversation about startup equity without putting the faint of heart to sleep, it’s territory that simply can’t be overlooked.

Because for any growth-oriented entrepreneur entertaining the idea of handing out equity in their company, the math absolutely matters…

And one small misstep can be the difference between accelerated growth or the speedpass to startup hell.
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How To Create an Authority Engine by Dan Martell

How To Create An Authority Engine (Personal Brand)

By | Leadership, Marketing, Speaking, Startups | 17 Comments

Do you consider yourself to be an expert in your field?

So many founders that I meet aren’t shy to make that claim.

And like them, perhaps you’ve also paid your dues, put in the time, and built something awesome.

But unless the market actually PERCEIVES you as an authority on that topic, all that hard-earned domain expertise isn’t providing you leverage.

That’s just the truth.

Cause here’s the thing…
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5 Ways to Create Your Own Personal Accelerator | Dan Martell

5 Ways to Create Your Own “Personal” Startup Accelerator

By | Community, Startups, Strategy | 11 Comments

Have you ever dreamed of getting your company accepted to a startup accelerator?

For many founders, getting picked by a top accelerator program feels like the holy grail of early stage entrepreneurship.

Overnight, you and your team are given access to world-class mentorship, tight accountability, educational events, and primetime pitching opps.

In short – all things needed to get you to the next level – FAST.
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Dan Martell - The 3 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Ever Made As a Founder - Thumbnail

My Top 3 Biggest (And Most Expensive) Mistakes I’ve Made As an Entrepreneur

By | Personal, Startups | 19 Comments

Alright, so here’s the deal.

Some entrepreneurs wear their battle scars proudly.

I don’t.

Not ashamed by any means. It’s just not a topic I’ve been racing to the studio to record.

Until now.

Because as a mentor, there’s a responsibility I carry to be transparent about my biggest f*uck ups in the hope that someone smart will heed my warnings and save themselves the months of frustration (or millions of dollars) that I lost because of my own strategic blindspots.
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