5 Ways to Create Your Own Personal Accelerator | Dan Martell

5 Ways to Create Your Own “Personal” Startup Accelerator

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Have you ever dreamed of getting your company accepted to a startup accelerator?

For many founders, getting picked by a top accelerator program feels like the holy grail of early stage entrepreneurship.

Overnight, you and your team are given access to world-class mentorship, tight accountability, educational events, and primetime pitching opps.

In short – all things needed to get you to the next level – FAST.
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Dan Martell - The 3 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Ever Made As a Founder - Thumbnail

My Top 3 Biggest (And Most Expensive) Mistakes I’ve Made As an Entrepreneur

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Alright, so here’s the deal.

Some entrepreneurs wear their battle scars proudly.

I don’t.

Not ashamed by any means. It’s just not a topic I’ve been racing to the studio to record.

Until now.

Because as a mentor, there’s a responsibility I carry to be transparent about my biggest f*uck ups in the hope that someone smart will heed my warnings and save themselves the months of frustration (or millions of dollars) that I lost because of my own strategic blindspots.
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Dan Martell - How To Find a Mentor

Finding a Mentor Is Easier Than You Think

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When I was 26, I was on the verge of entrepreneurial collapse.

My company, Spheric Technologies, was in a rapid growth phase, and I found myself in a constant struggle to keep my head above water.

I was stressed out, running out of money, and unsure if I was fit for the job.

I was taking more punches than I could take.

One blow after another.

I was ready to throw in the towel.
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Dan Martell - How To Raise Venture Capital

How To Raise Venture Capital For Your Startup

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In last weeks video I shared a story of a friend who had a hard time raising his round of funding… that prompted a bunch of replies and questions on my framework.

Exclusive Training: Download an in-depth training webinar that goes over my complete step-by-step fundraising process.

So this week I shot a quick video on the 5 strategies to help you raise your round quickly.

  1. Research Investors for Fit
  2. Pre-Marketing Hustle
  3. Your Product is Your Pitch Deck
  4. Running The Process
  5. Sprinting Across The Close

I share a story of my first investor call, how crazy our expectations were regarding our valuation, and how we recovered from that failed conversation.

If you’re feeling scared, overwhelmed or confused, trust me – I know what you’re going through…

… watch this video to learn how to reduce the pain and increase your probability of closing a great round of funding:

In the video, I also share one of my BEST tips for getting introductions to investors… do it this way, and you’ll have 99% chance of getting a meeting.

Also, here’s one of my favourite quotes when it comes to meeting investors…

“Investors don’t want to meet you, they want to be introduced to you.” (click to tweet)

Please leave a comment below with your biggest takeaway from the video above… what strategy made the most sense for you? Got any great fundraising stories? Lets hear them below… I’ll share more if you go first!

With gratitude,

– Dan

Dan Martell - The Founders Mindset

The Founders Operating System: How To Hack Your Mindset

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A few weeks ago I invited an entrepreneur over to my house to talk about his fundraising process.

He was trying to raise a ~6M dollar series A financing.

Before he kicked it off I shared with him my Fundraising Like a Pro framework so that he would understand the steps required to make the process as painless as possible… but it wasn’t working.

After a few minutes of talking I figured it out…
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Dan Martell - 3 Responsibilities of a Startup CEO

3 Responsibilities of a Startup CEO

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When I started my first company ( at 17 I had no clue what I was suppose to be doing.

I didn’t know if I should be coding or selling?

As the “CEO” what should I be focusing my time on?

In lieu of knowing the answer, I just built stuff.

It’s definitely the reason that company (and the next one) failed.

It wasn’t until 10 years later after reading 100’s of business books and getting great advice from mentors and advisors that I crystallized what my role was.

I learned it came down to 3 key responsibilities.
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Turning Pro - Dan Martell

Turning Pro (aka. Stop Fucking Around)

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Note: This message is for the “wantrapreneurs” in your life. Feel free to share it with them.

Alright, here comes some tough love.

Most of you are not acting like founders.

You’re not focusing on actually building a business.

Maybe you fell in love with the idea of starting a company (being a founder)… and once you started you decided it wasn’t fun (hard work)

Well today that stops.
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