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How to Sell Your Startup for More Than It’s Worth

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So here’s the deal.

(See what I did there?)

At some point, if you start a company – you’re going to think about selling it…

… or maybe you don’t plan on selling it, but one day someone may show up and offer to buy it – that’s what happened to me.

Regardless, I want to help you make that process way easier so you can optimize the outcome and reduce the amount of time involved.
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Martell Family - Renee & Dan Martell

Startup Family: How To Find Balance When Building a Company

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4 years ago I was living in San Francisco when my fiancee came home and told me she was pregnant.

This happened to be the same week I started my new startup Clarity.

A few months later she decided to partner with a friend and start a new marketing agency Onboardly.

On top of that, we figured we wanted to be closer to family so we started work on a small summer home near our family back home in Canada.

In the middle of all this I raised $1.6M in funding to scale my new startup.
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How To Build a Startup Community

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If you’re feeling lonely in your city (don’t know any other entrepreneurs)… or that it lacks a real sense of community, here’s 3 strategies that will help you create a startup community super quick.

A few years ago when I moved from San Francisco, back to a small town in Canada (to raise my kids)…

I realized I knew more entrepreneurs in every other city in the world than I did in the city I was living in.
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Using Growth Stacking To Improve Your Startup’s Product Marketing

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On Nov 7th, 2013 I walked into the speakers lounge at the Growth Hacker Conference and meet Andy Johns (@ibringtraffic) for the first time.

Andy worked on growth teams at Facebook, Twitter, Quora and now was at WealthFront.

He’s one of the “Original Gangsters” (OG’s) in the growth space – just read his Quora answers to get an idea of the quality of his thinking.

Even though I’d been following his work for a few years online, we had never met in person.

After we got introduced I asked him what he was going to talk about.

He shared that he was a bit nervous because he doesn’t really give talks very often, but then he started sharing the overview and his philosophy on growth… I knew he was going to kill it.

Then I asked him how he approaches growth at a tactical level…
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Startup Audience Building - Dan Martell

3 Ways To Build An Audience BEFORE Launching Your Startup

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Building an audience BEFORE you launch is something that I’ve done for every one of my companies and is a question that I get asked about all of the time.

There’s this misconception that people think that if you can launch a product – then you’re automatically going to have success.

“If you build it, they will come” is NOT true.

Are you familiar with Basecamp (a product from 37signals)?
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