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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 19 – Tim McCormick at SaaSOptics

If you have a B2B business that negotiates deals directly with your customers, then I’ll bet you’ve got headaches to do with money. Sales call followed by proposals…  Rejected and then renegotiated… All hoping that in the end, you can close a big deal that really moves the needle.  Only to realize that getting the customer is just half of


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 16 – Jon Miller at Engagio

Back when SaaS was still a new word (circa 2006), Jon Miller started Marketo, a software product that gave businesses an end-to-end view of their customer’s journey. The technology was revolutionary. No longer was a marketing team just collecting leads to give to the sales team…  …but businesses were able to track and optimize every touchpoint. From ads, to website


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 15 – Jason Reichl at Go Nimbly

“How do you maximize your revenue?”  It’s the question that everyone wishes there was an easy answer too. No, I don’t mean that as a thought-provoking chin-stroking question to ponder from the armchair.  I mean how do you actually do it? How do big businesses know the right steps – backed with data – that are going to blast them


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 11 – Einar Vollset at TinySeed

Have you asked anyone working a normal job about their workflow?  If you get in the details of their processes, you’ll immediately see the optimization opportunities. Just think of all the excel sheet management that goes on in the professional world… This is one of the main reasons why there can never be enough SaaS businesses.  There are just countless


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