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[Escape Velocity] – Episode 32 – Des Traynor @ Intercom

Being a venture funded SaaS founder is like walking into a casino to bet all of your employees’ salaries… every single day. Your decision to make one choice over another – bet on red or black – can cost your company millions. A few wrong bets can dry up your finances and run your company into the ground. But a


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 31 – Greg Segall @ Alyce

Years ago the so-called “secret” to B2B company growth was getting leads.  If you got enough email addresses or phone numbers that you could give to your sales team, you were going to make BANK. Not any more. Everyone is on LinkedIn, social media accounts are 1-click away, and business emails get scraped and sold daily. It sucks… but it’s


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 30 – Steli Efti at Close

If I could take all of the BS about “success” and cram it into the single most actionable statement ever, it would be this: The key to success is consistency. I don’t care how cheesy it is… It’s the truth. Print it on a T-shirt. Crochet it on a wall hanging. Hashtag it on Instagram. Just don’t forget it. If


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 27 – Patrick Kinsel at Notarize

I nearly screamed at my lawyer…  “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Years ago, I was finishing up a real estate deal when my lawyer told me that I had to notarize a document. No signature, no deal.  But that signature had to be from a notary, someone that’s earned the authority of the state to approve that I actually


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 25 – David Priemer at Cerebral Selling

You know what gives me an instant explosive headache? Telemarketers. It takes me about 2 seconds before I can tell they’re reading from a script.  “Are you happy with your… BLAH BLAH”.  I’ve worked closely with many sales teams so I empathize with the job they have to do, but I simply cannot tolerate inauthentic selling.  There’s no excuse. Just


[Escape Velocity] – Episode 24 – Ben Jabbawy at Privy

If everything in your business fell apart, and you had to rebuild from scratch… what would you do differently? This is usually a hypothetical question. But not necessarily nowadays… and definitely not for Ben Jabbawy a few years back. Ben is the founder and CEO of Privy, marketing automation software for e-commerce stores. In 2013, they raised a seed round


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