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How To Research, Recruit, And Compensate Great Advisors For Your Business

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Am I the only one whose Apple Watch is always dead?

I can’t seem to remember to charge it up…

… anyway, I digress.

When I started Clarity I put in the time to build one of the best advisory boards for the business.

It cost me time and $$$ but in the end, the ROI was 100X.

Having the best people in your corner to help guide strategic decision, solve major issues and pull you up when you’re feeling like a sack of potatoes is invaluable.

The challenge is finding them, negotiating compensation and deciding how to best leverage them.

That’s what I want to share in this week’s video.

If you want to know my #1 strategy for finding the best advisors IN THE WORLD…

… then be sure to watch this video.

This one tip I use weekly.

And it’s one of those things that you can start using right away to build a world class advisory board… even if it’s your first time out of the gates.

I also share a specific scenario that many entrepreneurs get into when it comes to giving equity to advisors and the point where if someone asks you for this, you can send them to this video so I can tell them where to go!

Still have questions about advisors?


Leave a comment with your questions and I’ll be sure to answer them in near real time.

Nothing pumps me up more than learning about your unique challenges, and helping you get massive breakthroughs on the spot.

Having great advisors is a sign of a mature CEO.

Don’t hold back.



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