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Define and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms & Build a Life You’re Proud to Live

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What does success mean?

Get specific… what exactly does it look like to you?

Is that word just a placeholder for some anonymous measure of public respect and acceptance? Is it about bank account zeros?

My idea of success has changed… a lot. The answer I’d have given you when I was 21 is nothing like the answer I’d give you now.


Because I grew the F%$& up.

When I became a millionaire at 27 years old, I realized that I wasn’t anywhere near as successful as I wanted to be.

The elusive dream had changed.

Since then, I’ve taken the time to really decide what success looks like to me so I know what I’m aiming for.

Now I’d like to share my perspective on what that is.

I haven’t shared this before because, to be honest… it’s kind of personal. 

But I’d like to share it because every problem became much more manageable when I knew where I wanted to end up. Perhaps you need that clarity too.

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I’ve learned that success is different for everyone

It’s subjective.

One person thinks it’s about the body they’ve got, another thinks it’s the car they drive, yet another thinks success is the property they own or the friends they have.

Have you noticed how you can use ‘success’ in a conversation and everyone assumes you must mean the same thing?

“10 steps to success”, “How to become successful”, “Success is just…”.

It can be a dangerous concept because we all want “it” without taking time to define what “IT” actually is.

Don’t chase an unknown dream.

Set the goal posts in the right place and don’t worry what anyone else thinks.

I’d love to know what real success looks like to you. Drop a comment on the YouTube video right here and let me know.


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