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“Founder Dinners” a Micro-Doc

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Want to learn how I got invited to spend a week with Richard Branson?

… or how I ended up meeting Mark Cuban, who eventually invested in my last company?

It all started back in 2004.

After 2 failed companies I decided to give it another shot but this time it would be different… I decided to READ!?!

This was the list I started with.

What you won’t find on that book list is THE book that changed my life.

It was written by Keith Ferrazzi and it’s called, “Never Eat Alone”.

Honestly, the title says it all.

From that moment forward, I made a commitment to always invite people to break bread.

Over the years I’ve hosted 1000+ breakfasts, lunches and dinners bringing together athletes, businessmen and community leaders.

One type of dinner I host are called Founder Dinners… it’s when I bring together 6+ entrepreneurs to meet each other.

No agenda. Just great entrepreneurs that I think share similar values.

It’s such a big part of my life that I decided to shoot a short Micro-Doc showing you the behind the scenes of a few events, and sharing some insights to encourage you to host your own.

Watch it here!

Business is about people. It’s about relationships.If you think you can hide behind your keyboard in your basement and succeed in a big way, well that’s just silly.

You need to get out and connect… and one of the highest leveraged uses of my time is to bring people together to share stories.

ALL of my success in business can be traced back to someone I met at an event, dinner or introduction through a friend.

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.”
~ Robin Sharma (Retweet)

Why do you think Richard Branson invites people like me to spend a week with him? He understands the value of learning from top experts in their field.

He’s notorious for hosting people.

Even if you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur, you can take the first step by making a reservation at a restaurant and sending out some invites now!

Leave a comment below with your experience … if you’ve done one in the past, tell the story! Inspire others.

Here’s to your first Founder Dinner!

Dan “breaking bread” Martell



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