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Do You Want Fries With That? Wholesome Upsell Techniques That Drive Expansion Revenue

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When I was building my company, Flowtown, I remember one of our potential investors talking about Expansion Revenue.

I thought “Uhh… okay. What the heck is that?”

You don’t wanna learn about this stuff FROM potential investors. Staring at them wide-eyed when they outsmart you doesn’t exactly scream ‘good investment’.

But now I know how to use upselling to increase customer retention and leverage Expansion Revenue. It makes a real difference. I’ve used it in my own businesses and now teach it to my coaching clients too.

Thanks for the lesson, investors!

In fact, I taught this to a software founder I coach named Ryan and helped him increase his Expansion Revenue by 10% compounding on an annual basis… without it costing him anything.

It’s actually really simple, but there are few steps to nailing your Expansion Revenue and I’m sharing them in this new video:

Exclusive Download: EBR Flow Planner™ – 9 Box Model to Run Your Executive Business Reviews, Retain High-Value Clients & Increase Expansion Revenue

Each one of these 3 has the potential to grow your profits. It might be small at first but they each compound over time. The 3 ways are:

  1. Offer Account Review
  2. QBR
  3. Support Selling

It’s super easy to focus on the big wins and jump straight for the investors. But if there’s revenue you aren’t tapping into and it’s right under your nose, you gotta do an audit of your priorities.

And investors WANT to see that you’re doing this. They want to see that you are smart about increasing your customer satisfaction before they’ll be ready to buy into your business.

The strategies in this video are the kind you can put into practice this week.

You don’t need new people to implement it. You don’t need anything you haven’t already got.

So what are you waiting for? It’s right under your nose.

Check out the video, and drop us a comment to let us know if it works for you!


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