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5 Pro Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of An Event

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Conferences, summits, meetups and masterminds.

All things that involve you zipping up a Samsonite, kissing your family goodbye, and investing a few thousand bucks for the chance to connect with your fellow entrepreneur (while perhaps picking up a key insight or two).

And maybe you absolutely thrive at these events.

Or perhaps like so many others you shrink up and do your best to become invisible.

But regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, one thing is absolutely certain.

Given the cost of going, you better learn how to extract the maximum ROA (Return on Attendance) on EVERY event you attend.

So if you have an upcoming event holding down a pixel on your iCal (or have been avoiding them due to “impracticality” or introvertedness)… then you’ll want to give this one a quick spin.

Now even if some of these sound a little daunting (#1 and #2 may force you out of your comfort zone)…

… I want you to know that there’s absolutely ZERO reason why you can’t step up and give it an honest shot.

I developed these strategies when I first moved to San Francisco as an introverted keyboard cowboy whose only real contact was the pizza delivery guy.

And after consistent practice and implementation, not only have events become a total blast… but they’ve also become one of my BIGGEST sources of breakthrough ideas and game changing partnerships.

The “ROA” has essentially blown up.

And going forward, I want the same for you.

So go ahead and watch the video, and then leave a comment below telling me:

What’s the next event on your schedule
Which of these 5 strategies you plan to test out first

And if you have a friend or business partner you’re going with, make sure to hit them with the share, so that as a team, you can soak up even MORE value from the event.

To owning your next event,


P.S. Want to see the quick and dirty math for making the financial return of your next event a no brainer? I got you covered at 3:53 of the video.

P.P.S. You don’t need to wait till you’re at a conference to break bread with your fellow entrepreneurs. Here are my best practices culled from running over 300 “Founder’s Lunches”.

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