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Siblings Scaling Startups with Joseph Fung & Donna Litt @ Kiite.ai

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Imagine going into business with your brother or sister.

You start a SaaS with them, scale the company, and successfully exit.

Then, because you loved it so much…

You do it again.

Insanity? Apparently not.

That’s the story of my latest Expert Interview guests, Joseph Fung and Donna Litt.

Joseph and Donna are siblings and the co-founders of both TribeHR and Kiite.

Before successfully being acquired by Netsuite, TribeHR was a social human resources application that helped optimize people processes in a business.

Now with Kiite (which Joseph tells me is a Japanese word that means ‘To Listen’), they are conquering the sales playbook space to optimize sales teams around the globe.

For most founders, getting along with a business partner is already hard enough…

But family?

That’s another level of teamwork.

Joseph and Donna have a dynamic that works.

Their companies didn’t dissolve into family fights and petty problems…

In fact, they both admit that they wouldn’t be able to achieve any of it without the other.

The combined knowledge of these two is huge. Check out this GSS episode where they share the microphone and drop some knowledge bombs.

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In this episode, you’re going to hear about:

  • Problem management between strong co-founders 
  • The #1 focus of a sales rep that wants to double down on conversions
  • How Joseph and Donna co-founded, scaled and sold TribeHR
  • The renaissance of ‘sales enablement’
  • The business leaders that Donna and Joseph admire
  • The 3 key levers of a great sales rep
  • Framing your vision differently

If you have a business partner, or multiple partners and you want to scale and exit without tearing your hair out, I suggest you check this episode out right here, right now.

Looking forward to hearing your biggest takeaways.


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